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Dear Valued Customer,

In these unprecedented times we at zLogg are committed to the safety and well-being of our customers and the communities that they serve. For the past 5 years, it has been our mission and promise to deliver quality products and services that offer guaranteed precision and accuracy when validating your shipments, equipment and storage facilities. We are conscious of the global hardships this pandemic has caused and so we have taken initiative to further improve our quality standards and practices by proactively implementing a Virus Heat Treat Protocol for every batch of product we release to our customers. Since data regarding how temperature affects COVID-19 transmission is not known by the experts, we will be using the data from the CDC’s Influenza Cleaning protocol as an introductory prevention framework. Cleaning to Prevent the Flu

zLogg Virus Heat Treat Protocol

Because existing data shows viruses are not able to withstand temperatures above 167° F
[75° C] we will be implementing a heat treatment to every batch of loggers before shipment.
This heat treatment process will be facilitated using thermal chambers that will run for 4 hours at the above- mentioned temperature.
All loggers will continue to be handled with disposable protective gloves and face coverings where they will be prepared for shipment.
Within each shipment, the customer will receive with their shipping documentation a zLogg Test Report that validates the Heat Treatment has been performed for the affirmed batch of loggers.

Our Promise

We understand this is only one step to prevent further transmission of Covid-19, however, we are dedicated to keeping our finger on the pulse of prevention data as more becomes available over the coming months. With new information being made public from the CDC and World Health Organization we will be proactively adjusting our workflow processes and safety protocols while keeping our valued clients informed. In the interim, we thank you for your cooperation, patience and valued business as we work to overcome these challenges together.

Saak Dertadian

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